Surface planer setup


Having invested in a 1.5m precision-ground straight edge and special purpose dial indicator, I can offer a first-class surface planer set-up service, to very accurately set correct knife heights, infeed/outfeed table heights and importantly, alignment of the tables to one another. All this ensures clean consistent cutting, with no bowing or 'snipes'. Good feed technique is still important of course, especially the last few inches after the piece clears the lip of the infeed table.


This approach is proving extremely effective and relatively time-efficient compared with other methods.


Please note, to get a good result that will last:


  • All knives must be new or newly resharpened, therefore straight and true

  • Knife locking bars, bolts and height adjusters must all be sound

  • Table height adjusters and locks if applicable must be fully functional

  • The machine must be properly levelled, stable, and not moved after setting up. Any warping of the chassis will undo all the good work setting it up


Note: Although correctly fitted Tersa knives should be inherently aligned to the block and themselves, their alignment to the outfeed table is still critical.

A similar approach is effective with spiral/helical knife cutter blocks having multiple small 4-sided cutters. I saw these in action during training at Martin and was amazed at the superb finish possible. They are also significantly less noisy and don't stress the cutter drive as much as a straight knife block.